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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide a safe, developmentally appropriate, and nurturing environment that promote socio-emotional, cognitive, language, and physical growth of young children through our four-prong education philosophy of whole child development, hands-on play, love, and family-school partnership.


We believe that children should develop though the whole child approach - that the individual elements of a child, social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language all work together. We believe every child is unique and will develop at his/her own pace with his/her strength, interests, needs, and learning styles.


We believe that children should learn and develop through a structured play-based curriculum. In Little Lamb, we provide a variety of learning centers; we believe that children at their early ages usually learn most and fastest through their "hands-on" playing and exploring experiences in various learning centers. As well, their real play experiences generate most teachable moments for us to facilitate their learning. 


We believe that children should grow up and foster through love. Because of love, children’s trust toward the world is built. Because of love, children learn how to love one another. By building a secure and loving environment and a positive adult-child relationship, we strive for maximizing children’s potential to explore, learn, develop, and love. 


We believe children should develop through the common supports from both their family and the school. Family as the primary educator and school as the development professionals should work together based on open communications and mutual understanding. In this way, children are able to develop and grow healthily both at home and at school.

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