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We are a Theme-Based Chinese-Immersion school committed to nurturing preschool and transitional kindergarten students. Our focus is on fostering intellectual, cognitive, social, and physical development through a creative and supportive learning environment.

Our Program

Our Chinese-immersion program helps your child lay down a solid foundation of mandarin Chinese at the best age. Our structured learning theme-based curriculum enables children to learn most and fastest through their  "hands-on" playing and exploring experiences based on their own pace with their unique strengths, interests, and learning styles. Our philosophy is that we believe children will thrive through the whole child development, love, hands-on play, and family-school partnership.

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New Campus in
El Cerrito

In January 2024, we proudly launched our newly built campus, thoughtfully designed to enhance our theme-based learning environment and Chinese immersion program, reflecting our dedication to providing high-quality education.


Our Mandarin Chinese Immersion Program

Our Mandarin Chinese immersion program for children at a young age provides them with early exposure to the language, fostering bilingualism, cultural appreciation, and cognitive development. These skills can significantly benefit their future academic and professional opportunities in our increasingly interconnected world.

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