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Welcome all interested in learning Chinese! 

Our Chinese program helps your child lay down a solid foundation of a second language at the best age. According to children's interests and daily experiences, we use different strategies to enhance their listening, speaking, and comprehension of Chinese.

Structured Activities

During daily circle time and structured activities, children engage in well-designed activities presented in Chinese that promote language comprehension and oral expression. This approach is an integral part of our curriculum and helps students improve their Chinese language skills through teacher-child interactions and engaging, interactive experiences.


We carefully choose age-appropriate story books that align with our monthly learning themes and are tailored to meet children's developmental needs. Our book reading activities, both in small groups and whole classrooms, are designed to be interactive and engaging, promoting language acquisition and growth in our children.

Celebrating Chinese Festivals

We immerse our children in Chinese culture through observance of festivals such as Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and Moon Festival. These celebrations provide a hands-on learning experience for students to develop language skills and understand Chinese heritage. As a crucial part of our curriculum, cultural celebrations are integrated into lessons for a well-rounded education.

Children's Songs

We integrate singing and dancing into our curriculum to enhance language learning and create a fun and interactive environment. Weekly, we introduce a Chinese song aligned with our learning theme to encourage students to practice their language skills. With all song lyrics presented in Chinese, students can also improve their literacy awareness. 

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